HydroCut, Inc.
What we do:

Established in 1996, HydroCut  is a waterjet cutting service center, combined with
fabrication, welding, CNC robotic welding, and machining expertise.  We currently
have the largest and most powerful waterjet machine tool in the state.   We mainly
work with machine shops, fabrication companies, landscape architects, defense
contractors, movie production companies and artists.  

An abrasive waterjet will cut any material known to man. Titanium to tissue, the power
and precision of waterjet cutting makes it the most versatile machine-cutting tool yet

From aerospace inconels to plastics for the food processing industry, hole slots and
complex shapes can be cut with precision and repeatability.  One-part prototypes or
thousand part runs can easily be achieved.


Twelve feet by twelve feet is the size of our cutting envelope.  

Our capacity is twelve inch thick material.  
Advantages of using HydroCut's, waterjet cutting service:

Saves Material
Our software will arrange parts so that we get the most efficient use of material.
In these days of soaring metal prices,  this capability can save you money!

Saves Labor
Our ability to cut from larger sheets can also save you money on set-ups.

Saves Time
Decreases overall fabrication time.  HydroCut can net or near net shape your thick
material milling work, cutting down on time from start to finish.  Save money on
production costs. Increase your flow of finished pieces.  
HydroCut, Inc. - Waterjet Cutting
8 Navarro Drive
Belen, NM  87002
505-864-1122 (fax)
Proudly serving the Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Farmington,
Las Cruces and El Paso  areas for over a decade.
We also have customers coast-to-coast!
A Waterjet Cutting Service Center
Cuts up to 10"
thick steel!